1960, Marion Zimmer Bradley – Checklist of lesbian, variant and homosexual fiction

Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1960. Checklist: A complete, cumulative Checklist of lesbian, variant and homosexual fiction, in English or available in English translation, with supplements of related material, for the use of collectors, students and librarians. Edited and published by: Marion Zimmer Bradley; associate Editor: Gene Damon. Cover design and layouts by Kerry Dame. Entire contents copyright, May 1960, by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Box 158, Rochester, Texas. All rights reserved.


I libri di  italiani riportati nell’elenco sono solo: Il conformista di Moravia, Tra donne sole di Pavese, l’Orlando Furioso di Ariosto, il libretto della Norma di Bellini. Tra i film solo: Roma città aperta di Rossellini.


Editorial; History and purpose of the Checklist 2
List of symbols and abbreviations 6
The complete cumulative Checklist, indexed by author 7
The poetry of Lesbiana; chronological reference list (compiled by Gene Damon) 58
Variant Films 61
Related Publications; the homosexual Press 63
For Collectors Only; a list of book services 64
Paperback Publishers; addresses 65
Hardcover Publishers; addresses 66
Behind the scenes; meet the editors 68

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