1928, Ma Rainey – Prove it on me blues

‘Ma’ Gertrude Rainey (1886-1939), “Prove It on Me Blues”, 1928 Vedi: http://outhistory.org/exhibits/show/rainey/rainey2 Went out last night, had a great big fight Everything seemed to go on wrong I looked up, to my surprise The gal I was with was gone. Where she went, I don’t know I mean to follow everywhere she goes; Folks say … Leggi tutto

2011, Liana Borghi – Connessioni transatlantiche

Liana Borghi, “Connessioni transatlantiche: lesbismo femminista anni ’60-‘70”.  Genesis, x/2, 2011: 41-64.   http://www.leswiki.it/repository/testi/2011borghi-connessioni transatlantiche.pdf