1749, Louis Jean François Lagrenée – Le due amiche

Louis Jean François Lagrenée, 1749. Le due amiche. Olio, 48,3 × 60 cm. Collezione privata

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Les Deux Amies, 1749. Olio, 48,3 × 60 cm. Collezione privata


Il Gusto. Title Dessus-de-Porte: Two Nymphs. Allegory of the Five Senses.
Collection Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle
Artist After Lagrenée, Louis Jean François (French painter, 1725-1805)
Attributed to Lagrenee, Jean Jacques, II (French painter, 1739-1821)
Date Earliest about 1760
Date Latest about 1765
Description This overdoor painting represents one of the senses: taste. In the skies, a nymph is holding a cup from which another drinks, a hand on her chest. She looks very absorbed by the act of drinking, making it an almost spiritual experience. At their feet an empty jar. The original painting from which this has been copied is in a private collection in Madrid.
Current Accession Number B.M.861
Subject allegory (taste)
Measurements 76 x 133.5 cm (estimate)
Material oil on canvas
The original from which this painting was copied is in a Private Collection in Madrid, For details see Juan J. Luna, ‘Varias pintures de los Lagrenée en Espana, Archivio Espanol de Arte, no. 181, 1973, pp. 35-44. This is a copy of one of the ‘Five Senses’ executed for M. Vogué, and is part of a set of four overdoors. According to experts, they were probably made by Jean-Jacques Lagrenée, but inspired by the work of his elder brother Louis. They worked together for a long time and it is known that Jean-Jacques made a number of overdoor paintings at the Château de la Ferté for the marquis de la Borde. For more details, see also B.M. 862, 863 and 865.
Rights Owner The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, Co. Durham

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allegoria 5 sensi https://vads.ac.uk/large.php?uid=89626&sos=1

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