2001, Linda Garber – Identity Poetics

Linda Garber, 2001. Identity Poetics. Race, Class and the Lesbian-Feminist Roots of Queer Theory. New York: Columbia University Press, (“Between Men-Between Women: Lesbian and Gay Studies”), 2001, pp. 262.



INTRODUCTION Race, Class, and Generations I

CHAPTER ONE. The Social Construction of Lesbian Feminism 10 – La costruzione sociale del femminismo lesbico 
CHAPTER TWO. Putting the Word Dyke on the Map: Judy Grahn 31

CHAPTER THREE. “I Have a Dream Too”: Pat Parker 63

CHAPTER FOUR. “High Over the Halfway Between Your World and Mine”: Audre Lorde 97

CHAPTER FIVE. An Uncommonly Queer Reading: Adrienne Rich 127  

CHAPTER SIX.  “Caught in the Crossfire Between Camps”: Gloria Anzaldda 147

CHAPTER SEVEN. Around 1991: The Rise of Queer Theory and the Lesbian Intertext 176 – Più o meno nel 1991: la nascita della teoria queer e l’intertesto lesbico

AFTERWARD The Dyke March: June 24, 2000, San Francisco 209


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